a fuller acquaintance with the archipelago

Responding to the times we are living through, a fuller acquaintance with the archipelago invites the viewer to navigate a co-created Lilliputian world. As observation gives way to imagination, it is possible to mentally inhabit the fossilized and fragile cast sculptures as a series of islands, surrounded by sea.

All islands are separated from each other, but some stand alone, while others are in pairs or groups. The now evident architecture and topology of the mostly bleached islands may suggest abandonment associated with a dystopian world.

Modelling an idea of the individual within the collective, through viewers’ curiosity and engagement, the installation elicits questions and ideas around community and relationship as well as culture and the isolation covid19 has inflicted upon us all. It has a particular resonance in respect of our climate emergency.

Living on the coast, I am drawn to the ever changing nature of the sea and its’ transitory relationship with the edges of land. The roots of my ‘archipelago’ came from the UK decision to leave Europe in 2016 and developed in response to climate emergency and Covid-19. My experience as an artist educator with extensive involvement in participatory and collaborative work informs my projects.

an ongoing series of island like forms

plaster and pigment


photos: Alex Brattell

Huge thanks to the Observer Building, Hastings for this amazing space to experiment with my installation and to photographer, Alex Brattell who documented the work. Thanks also to a-n for the Time Space Money grant which enabled me to make new work and test ideas.